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Thursday, April 23, 2009

KPO Sector

KPO IndustryAfter the tremendous success of BPO industry, KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) has spread its wings in India. KPO is associated with executing standardized processes. It involves the high potential services that require advanced technical and analytical skills. The areas associated with KPO sector include research & development, advanced web applications, learning solutions, financial consultancy and services, animation & design, medical services, business and technical analysis, business and market research, writing and content development, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, legal services, training and consultancy, data analytics, network management and intellectual property research. The KPO companies can deliver good quality work at lower costs because of the cheap labor that is available in India. They offer uninterrupted, on time delivery of services. But a Career in the KPO sector is attracting the young generation in India because of the job satisfaction that is provides.
Scope of KPO industry in IndiaIn the developing countries like India, standardized technical education is most widely available. The trained and skilled manpower is accessible at low cost.

India is said to be one of the most preferred destination for KPO industry because of cost savings, availability of highly skilled manpower, operational efficiencies and improved quality. In India, the workforce is highly educated and well versed with English. Every year, the country is giving skilled professionals in various fields such as IT, education, science, engineering, finance, law and architecture. KPO industry is rapidly developing and widely accepted in India. Most of the people are turning to this option and wishing to develop career in the KPO sector. As the scope of the sector is vast, the bachelor of any discipline can get excellent jobs in the KPO sector. Presently, India is emerging as a hub for the KPO companies. India is considered as one of the most preferred KPO destinations. There are numerous well-established KPO companies in the country. Some of the best KPO companies in India are Genpact, Evalueserve, Ugam Solutions, WNS, 24/7Custmoer, ICICI OneSource, EXL Service, Copal Partners, Pangea3 and TechBooks. Due to presence of several KPO companies in the country, one can surely opt for career in the KPO sector.



BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is one of the rapidly growing industries in India. It is the fastest developing segment of Information Technology Enabled Services industry. The term BPO refers to outsourcing in all fields. BPO offers different kinds of services including customer support services, telemarketing services, technical support services, employee IT help-desk services, insurance services, data entry services, data conversion services, scanning OCR with editing & indexing services, online research and form processing services.
Scope of BPO career in IndiaStarting a career in the BPO sector is easy as most of the BPOs provide in house training to the employees. Generally, a candidate with graduation in any discipline can join the BPO companies. They don't require any academic specialization. There is no specific age bar. Most of the BPO companies offer good work environment. The employee can get good wages along with some excellent benefits. Jobs in the BPO sector attract youngsters as most BPO companies provide transport facilities. Most of the people are fascinated towards the attractive lifestyle and flexibility of time that they offer. Due to these advantages, numerous people strongly wish to develop a career in the BPO sector.

Negative points of BPO industryAlong with many benefits associated with this industry, there are some negative points that make people rethink about the job. One should have a clear idea about the positive and negative points before selecting a career in the BPO sector. After doing the job for some time many people find many people find it difficult to continue as they find it tedious and monotonous. Some people leave the job when they need to spend sleepless nights. Some people also find it difficult to move up the career ladder fast in the BPO industry. Some people leave the BPO industry for higher education, higher salary better status.
Reputed BPOs in IndiaWith increasing scope of BPO industry, many top-ranking software companies have established their BPO centers in India making a career in the BPO sector lucrative.Some of the well-known BPO companies in India are WNS Group, Convergys, Zenta, Wipro Spectramind, EXL, ICICI Onesource, Daksh e-Service, Tracmail, HCL Technologies, MphasiS, GTL Ltd, Sutherland Technologies, vCustomer, HTMT and 24/7 Customer.These companies are the top-rankers on providing career in BPO sector on the basis of criteria like employee size, overall satisfaction score, job content/growth, salary and compensation, training, company culture and appraisal system etc.


Video Editing

A career in video editing is an interesting option for creative people who like to work in entertainment and media industry. It is a process of modifying or re-arranging the segments of video from one or more video tapes to create a final piece of video. The complete process of making art aesthetic in visual media is associated with the technique of editing. Video editing plays a significant role in post-production process. The major task of video editor includes editing of soundtracks, video and film for the motion picture and broadcast visual media industries. Video editing is categorized as Linear Editing and Non-Linear Editing or Digital Video Editing. Digital Video Editing involves the use of computer technology for onscreen editing process. In Non-Linear Editing, audio and video data are captured to hard disk and then edited on computer using various softwares.A career in video editing has become lucrative with the arrival of movie clips and streaming videos in websites. Since this field is highly competitive, the video editors should be ready for tough competition. Growing popularity of online video clips has resulted in increased video editing activities by the internet users. There are numerous job opportunities in video editing throughout the country. The video editors can find the placements in TV and film production studios, advertising and multimedia companies and web design companies.

They can work for motion picture studios and with independent production companies. Most of the video editors work on a freelance basis or the short-term contracts for television companies, post-production studios and corporate employers.
Qualifications Needed for Video Editing CareerCareer in video editing is open for all. No specific educational qualification is required to enter this field.However, to get good jobs in video editing, one should complete the video editing courses such as Diploma in Video Editing, Diploma in Video Editing & Sound Recording, Certificate Course in Non-Linear Editing, Post Graduate Diploma in Post Production (Editing), Diploma in Film Editing etc. These courses help the students to understand the entire concept of editing. One can achieve these video editing courses from numerous institutes in India such as Asian Academy of Film & Television at Noida, Fortune Institute of Communication and Television at New Delhi, Bihar Institute of Film and Television at Patna etc. The Digital video editors should hold a bachelor's or master's degree in media arts or animation.
Skills Required for Video Editing Jobs:The video editors should possess the skills such as high level of self-motivation, creativity, a keen eye for detail, general knowledge of cameras and digital camera technology and dedication to work. Although career in video editing is lucrative one, there is a tough competition in this field. Hence, it could be difficult for the candidates to get good jobs easily.


Media Industry

Media industry is very vivid and one of the most versatile industry. Mass media, as it is called theoretically, is one of the most influential industries as it is directly connected with the mass audience. The main work of Media industry is to provide information and generate public opinion. The Media industry first started with the mass distribution of newspapers and magazines. Today, the definition of media has changed and media has many sub forms like Broadcasting with the help of TV and radio, Entertainment with use of audio visuals -films and videos, internet that includes blogs, forums, music, news, then Publishing of Books, papers, magazines, and it also includes postal mail, telephony and other interactive Media. The media has various purposes like providing entertainment, education, Advocacy among others. Thus the scope of a Career in media industry is vast.
Scope of Media Industry in IndiaAccording to the market analysis and research, Indian media industry has projected size of 7.7 billion US$. Moreover, it is estimated to be over 18 billion US$ by 2012.The television sector has a 42 % share and print media has 30 % share. The Indian entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world giving 1000 films per year. It is the largest output by any media industry in the world.

Raised regulations, quality content development, competitive pricing, increased consumer base and significant marketing, creative use of technology and work effectiveness are the key drivers of Indian media industry. Because of varied structure and root presences, many media companies in India have grown up speedily and are recruiting newer young talent for increased efficiency and creativity. Because of this starting a Career in media industry is the latest trend among many youngsters in India. The strong influence that media holds over people's life has also attracted many to start a career in Media.The business opportunities in Indian media and entertainment industry are enormous. There is untapped potential along with the good creativity talent. In addition, good economy, FDI inflow, higher per capita income are the main reasons, because of which new media industries are opening up, thus giving good Career in media industry. Some of the reputed media companies in India are- Times Group which owns Indiatimes, Filmfare, Planet M, Times of India and many other brands, Adlabs, Zeetelefilms, UTV, Nimbus Communications, Sahara Group, Mukta Arts, Shrinagar Group, News Corporation, Sony, Walt Disney, Sun Network, BMG, Universal, The Indian Express, Manorama etc.


Software Engineering

Over the years, India has contributed immensely in advancement of technology by producing quality software engineers for the whole world. Software Engineering is the application of disciplined, systematic approach to the operation, development and maintenance of software. The discipline of software engineering covers tools, knowledge and methods to define software requirements and to perform computer programming, software design, user interface design, software maintenance tasks and software testing. Software engineering also encompasses the knowledge from different fields like computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, management, quality management, project management, system engineering and software ergonomics. A career in software engineering can be very rewarding as there is demand for software engineers across the industries.As India is emerging as a global superpower in IT, qualified candidate get excellent jobs in software engineering in famous software companies in India and abroad. IT sector fascinates plenty of youths due to its prospects, attractive wages and ample employment opportunities in the country and abroad.

Qualifications Needed for a Career in Software Engineering:To start a career in software engineering, one should opt for software engineering degree. Programs like B. E. or M. E. in software engineering are offered by several popular colleges and institutes in India. Some of the well-known software engineering colleges in India are Satyabhama University, Indian Institute of Technology, Anna University in Chennai,Indian Institute of Information Technology in Bangalore,Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology in Hyderabad and Thapar University in Patiala.
Reputed Companies Offering Software Engineering Jobs:Ample job opportunities in software engineering are available in many software companies in India. Some of the well-known software companies include Asset Infotech Ltd, Baan Info Systems India Ltd, HCL Infosystems Ltd, Hexaware Technologies Ltd, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mastek Ltd, NIIT Ltd, IBM, Wipro Ltd, Tata Infotech Ltd, Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd, Polaris Software Lab Ltd etc. Although software engineering sector is currency dependant, highly competitive and hectic, it is a lucrative career option. It surely offers a bright future for the It professionals .


Game Designing

With the advancement of technology, numerous new career options are opening up. A career in Game Designing is one among them. It is one of the most complex parts of software development. Game Designing involves designing the content and rules of the game. The term refers to both game design represented in actual game and documentation describing the design. The principles of game designing are applied to various forms of games such as board games, video games or card games. Some types of game design require an integration of many other disciplines. For example, video game design needs the co-ordination of game mechanics, programming, visual arts, production process etc.
Usually, the purpose of games is entertainment, training or education. Some of popular games are shooting, racing, hiding, commanding, escaping, stunts, trading, finding, role playing, solving puzzles and education. One can select a career in game designing, as it is lucrative field.
Game Designing Companies in India:Game designing jobs are booming in India and it is considered as hot career option. There are numerous established companies that offer excellent job opportunities in game designing. Some of the popular games designing companies in India are- Synapse, Smackall, Ishir Infotech, Csharks etc. They design the games for mobile phones, online games and video games. The mobile games include the board games such as Checkers, Chess etc, betting games (sport betting games, casino games etc), puzzle games and word games.

There are wide variety of online games including single and multi player games. Some of the famous online games are word games like anagrams, crosswords etc, card games, board games like Checkers, Chess etc, Casino based games, strategy games, arcade games like racing, shooting and sport games etc and puzzle games.

Game Designing Courses:
To get good jobs in game designing, one needs to complete some courses. Some of the games designing courses are- Advanced Diploma in Game Design, Diploma in Game Design & Gaming, Video Game Design and Development Certification and Video Game Design and Development. These courses are offered by well-known institutes in India including Colorchips Animation Training Centre in Hyderabad, National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Digital Academy Film School in Mumbai and Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology in Chennai, Asian Academy of Film & Television in Uttar Pradesh etc.


Web Design Careers

What is Web Design
Web design is the process of putting together a website from conception to online publication. Consideration is given to each component that will ultimately render a website usable by its target audience. Web design encompasses a broad skill set, including technical proficiency, interpersonal communications, and an aptitude for design. Web designers are hired to produce websites according to customer specifications.

What is a Web Designer
Web designers design, layout, test, and maintain the web pages that make up an individual or organization’s website. Web designers are called upon to create high performance websites using a variety of elements such as:
E-commerce features (forums, mailing lists, credit card processing ability, etc.)
Visual design
Search engine optimized copy
Strategic layout
An appropriate platform

What qualifications do Web Designers need
Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graphic design or digital media. However, a marketing or advertising degree combined with advanced computer training will also prepare future web designers for the workplace. Web designers must be effective communicators with an ability to explain technical issues in everyday language. Web designers must also be able to effectively translate ideas into reality and excel at detail organization. Strong computer skills and a willingness to stay updated on emerging technologies is a must. Success depends on a solid blend of expertise and creativity.

What type of tasks are involved in Web Design
Web designers often work on many projects at a time while ensuring that each one meets its deadlines and is of high quality. There are a variety of tasks a web designer must accomplish when working on a project. Following is an example of these tasks:
Work closely with customers to answer questions and to gain an understanding of project expectations.
Act as an advisor, guiding clients through each step of site construction.
Detail and present specifications, storyboards, and design prototypes to employers and customers.
Use languages such as hypertext mark-up language, JavaScript, ColdFusion, and others to write web pages.
Use programs like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw to layout and design pages.
Create and maintain project budgets.
Areas of specialization in Web DesignMany web designers specialize. Specialization allows a designer to focus on a particular area and skill while building a reputation in a specific niche. Possible specializations include:
Flash animation
HTML and CSS design
Database integration
Search engine optimization

What types of companies employ Web Designers
The job market for web designers has stabilized in recent years. Companies will continue to hire web designers so that they can remain competitive in the marketplace. Doctors, lawyers, banks, and retailers all need websites to gain new business and retain current clientele—web designers are needed in every industry. Advertising agencies, design firms, marketing departments and other businesses that maintain websites may employ web designers. Ambitious web designers may choose to freelance, designing websites for companies who don’t employ full-time computer professionals.